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Oct 16 '12

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Anton Pourquoi No Rerolls: Pandaria – Ep.3

I found this video a couple weeks ago, and though it’s not a trailer, I had to post it here. Anton Pourquoi No Rerolls: Pandaria A machinima parody of the famous TV show “Anthony Bourdain No Reservations” by Taiwanese machinima group AFK PL@YERS, celebrating the coming of the new World of Warcraft expansion – Mist […]

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Oct 5 '12

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Mists of Pandaria: Heroic Gate of the Setting Sun

A quick run through of the new level 90 heroic Gate of the Setting sun. You assist the Shado-Pan Panderan Monks in their fight against the rampaging Mantid who are laying siege to the gate. If they succeed, they will be able to swarm into the the sacred lands of Pandaria unleashing untold death and […]

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Sep 27 '12

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Pet Battles Q&A with Cory Stockton

One of the surprise hits of Mists of Pandaria has become the Pet Battles. I have been going around battling and taming more than actually questing.. and loving every minute of it. As long-time listeners of For The Lore know, I’m a massive Pokemon fan, and I make no excuses for that. This system, however […]

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