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Nov 6 '13

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WildStar – Final Two Classes Revealed… Briefly

Carbine Studios has been keeping a tight lip on their final two classes for WildStar, their upcoming MMO (which we are exceptionally excited for). Thus far, they’ve revealed: Warrior, Esper, Spellslinger and Stalker. Each fits neatly into the “holy trinity” of class archetypes, able to fill two rolls (think dual-spec for World of Warcraft). As […]

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Feb 13 '13

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WildStar: Meet the Dominion

From WildStar: Last week, Kit Brinny introduced you to the Exiles, a group of scrappy rebels searching for a new home on Nexus. Now, we’re finally ready to reveal the other side of the of the galactic conflict: the Dominion. To bring you up to speed with the faction’s member races, we introduce Malvolio Portius, […]

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