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Jan 6 '14

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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1

Telltale Games has been steadily building a strong reputation as developers of story-driven adventure games. They seem to have really hit their stride in recent years by making licensed games based on Back to the Future and The Walking Dead, which was overall IDTV’s favorite game of 2012. Their latest offering in this line is […]

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Aug 23 '13

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Internet Dragons TV Vidcast: The Walking Dead – 400 Days

In this episode, Vince and I discuss the 400 Days DLC for The Walking Dead. We talk about every character, and give our thoughts on the DLC as a whole. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and check back here for more on The Walking Dead as we near Season 2. Audio only iTunes | […]

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Jul 31 '13

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Poker Night 2

I played the crap out of the original Poker Night at the Inventory from Telltale Games. I loved the concept of going up against various gaming and pop culture characters. That table consisted of Max (from the Sam and Max games), Strong Bad (from the Homestar Runner series), Tycho (from Penny Arcade) and the Heavy […]

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Oct 23 '12

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The Walking Dead: Episode 4

SPOILER WARNING – THIS REVIEW WILL BE FRAUGHT WITH SPOILERS! YES, FRAUGHT! “Around Every Corner” I’d considered waiting until Episode 5 is released before writing a review of this game. That way, I could talk about the entire experience in one review. However I can’t wait that long to give my thoughts on this game. […]

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Sep 23 '12

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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has been one of the surprise hits for me this year. Sure, I was expecting it to be fun… just not this much fun. I really enjoyed Telltale Games’ take on Back to the Future last year, even though some of the game’s quirks got on my nerves. That said, The Walking […]

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