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League of Legends has quickly become one of the top competitive games in the e-sports arena. This MOBA style game is the spiritual successor to DOTA, which incorporates intricate strategy between teams of players using both macro and micro play to achieve victory. Amir “Sweetaru” Hamzah and Joe “Lodur” Perez will be bringing you commentary on league matches throughout the new League of Legends summoner season 3, using their extensive knowledge of the game and players, to bring you all the exciting play-by-play action.

These games will be ranked matches following professional and semi-professional teams as they engage in ladder matches. They will also bring you all the action from monthly tournaments hosted by MadCast Gaming and CQ Gaming, where beginning teams hope to cut their own niche in the League of Legends and elevate themselves to pro-status.

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September 24th, 2012
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