The Walking Dead

Sep 23 '12

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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has been one of the surprise hits for me this year. Sure, I was expecting it to be fun… just not this much fun. I really enjoyed Telltale Games’ take on Back to the Future last year, even though some of the game’s quirks got on my nerves. That said, The Walking Dead, at least for me, has been one highlight after another.

Check out the trailer for Episode 3 just released a couple weeks ago. If you haven’t picked up this game, you should really think about getting it.

Episode 3: Long Road Ahead

The motor inn has been home for the past few months, but dwindling supplies, threats from without and betrayal from within set events in motion that change everything and cause Lee to reevaluate what — and who — is important to him. Fleeing Macon, the survivors head toward the perceived safety of the coast, but is anywhere really safe when danger follows them at every step?

Episode Highlights:
– Witness the collapse of the bonds holding the group together and the shocking results of betrayal and emotional trauma
– Discover a new threat to Clementine — can Lee protect her?
– Live with the choices you made in Episode One and Two as they affect your experience in this episode.

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