Anton Pourquoi No Rerolls: Pandaria – Ep.3

Oct 16 '12

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Anton Pourquoi No Rerolls: Pandaria – Ep.3

I found this video a couple weeks ago, and though it’s not a trailer, I had to post it here.

Anton Pourquoi No Rerolls: Pandaria

A machinima parody of the famous TV show “Anthony Bourdain No Reservations” by Taiwanese machinima group AFK PL@YERS, celebrating the coming of the new World of Warcraft expansion – Mist of Pandaria.


The final chapter of Anton Pourquoi’s Journey in Pandaria.

Kung-fu – the ultimate Pandaren life style. They use it not only on daily life, but also on their most important entertainment – movies. Besides, what does it take to become a skillful monk? Ryu, a human monk from far far away to Kun-lai Summit will reveal the secret of how he trained himself.

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