WildStar – Final Two Classes Revealed… Briefly

Nov 6 '13

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WildStar – Final Two Classes Revealed… Briefly

Carbine Studios has been keeping a tight lip on their final two classes for WildStar, their upcoming MMO (which we are exceptionally excited for). Thus far, they’ve revealed: Warrior, Esper, Spellslinger and Stalker. Each fits neatly into the “holy trinity” of class archetypes, able to fill two rolls (think dual-spec for World of Warcraft). As an example, the Spellslinger can go pure DPS or heals, or even a mixture of the two, depending on which skills they equip.

Everyone has been eagerly awaiting news about the final two classes, which Carbine has refused to even hint at… until just a few moments ago.

For the next six weeks, Carbine will be featuring each of the classes on their site, one per week. The idea is to ramp up the excitement over the course of the next four weeks, then for the final two weeks, leading into the winter beta, hit us with their final two classes.

However someone in their social/web department must not have gotten that memo, because here is what appeared on the site momentarily…


To be quickly replaced with…


As I mentioned on Twitter, there are no “take-backs” on the internets. What is seen can never been unseen (and if you doubt that, let me know and I’ll email you a few pictures).

And so it would appear that we will be getting a Medic and an Engineer as our final two classes. A pure healer in an MMO that relies heavily on the holy trinity is not surprising, though I’m curious about its secondary spec (which will no doubt be DPS, though I would love to see something like a World of Warcraft Druid or Paladin who can tank or heal).

As for the Engineer, I am SO thrilled about that announcement- er, slip. I love my Guild Wars 2 Engineer, and imagine that WildStar’s interpretation will be even cooler, as it fits in so well with the game’s established lore. It makes me very curious about what abilities they will have.

So there you have it folks. Mystery solved. Last two classes revealed.

Any chance you’ll open up the winter beta earlier, Carbine, now that this is out of the way?

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  1. Roger

    November 6, 2013 at 9:51 pm

    Others have also reported this on Twitter, Reddit (/r/WildStar) and various WildStar fan sites (such as WildStar-Central).

    I’m hopeful that Carbine will roll with their error (if it was in fact an error) and give us more details about these two classes.

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