Pet Battles Q&A with Cory Stockton

Sep 27 '12

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Pet Battles Q&A with Cory Stockton

One of the surprise hits of Mists of Pandaria has become the Pet Battles. I have been going around battling and taming more than actually questing.. and loving every minute of it.

As long-time listeners of For The Lore know, I’m a massive Pokemon fan, and I make no excuses for that. This system, however derivative, is far more engaging. Going out and battling wild creatures is fun, and can easily be done while questing or exploring. Seeking out specific pets to add to your stable is surprisingly addictive. And then there’s the random pet battles with other players.

Random battles are handled very well. The queue right now is extremely fast, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. You’re taken to a random location in Azeroth (an effect that’s quite cool) where you battle another trainer -er, player.

The battle system attempts to provide you with an opponent which is close to your level (in terms of pet levels), however because you have three pets in your active roster, they may vary wildly in levels. I battled players whose pets ranged from level 15 to 1. My highest was a level 11, and though I thought for certain his Clockwork Gnome would obliterate all of my characters, the player chose to use his level 5 and 1 as well. Either he hoped they would survive at least one level in order to gain experience should the level 15 win for the group, or he may have been inexperienced and unsure what to expect from the battle.

I will be posting pet battle videos in the coming weeks, and streaming more of mine as I did last night. For now, enjoy this great little interview with Cory Stockton about Pet Battles.

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