Mal’s Weekly Recap July 15th-19th

Jul 20 '13

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Mal’s Weekly Recap July 15th-19th

– Editor’s Note-

Mal’s Weekly Recap is a new feature from longtime listener/viewer Malagaj. I discussed this project with him, and encouraged him to give his thoughts on the weekly news. This news report is entirely subjective and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the IDTV staff. Enjoy.

07.15 Monday

Evo 2013Evo 2013 was last week and folks watched contestants get beaten up in fighting games. Evo has been going on since 2002, so there were plenty of people in attendance, including the best of the best in fighting games.

This year’s games were: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (Version 2012), Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter X Tekken (Version 2013), The King of Fighters XIII, Persona 4 Arena, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and Super Smash Bros Melee.

Super Smash Bros won the most online donations from players, all proceeds of which went to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It raised $94,683. The funny thing is that Nintendo was initially against the idea of Super Smash Bros appearing at Evo. There was a massive uproar online, which lead to Nintendo reversing their stance on the issue.

I personally can’t understand why a company, that isn’t doing the best at the moment, would do something like this. I know they took their words back and most people won’t even remember this after week or two, but it still seems to me like they were shooting their own foot. Nintendo is releasing the new Smash Bros soon enough and this is good publicity for them. As of late, it’s like console makers love hindering their own products resulting in negative gamer opinions.

Evo 2013 was a huge success and had 1.7 million unique viewers on their Twitch streaming channel. I believe that Esports are getting bigger and that maybe one day they will be on the TV also. Then again I personally don’t see any reason why they should. We are the children of the internet. Less and less of my friends watch TV, as everything we want is on the internet?

On a last note, for those who love Street fighter 4, they announced that they are bringing 5 characters to the game. Poison, Rolento, Hugo and Elena will be joining the roster, as well as a character new to the Street Fighter series.

07.16 Tuesday

Ubisoft had some lovely things to say about their new IPs in an interview at [a]list daily, my favorite quote being “We won’t even start if we don’t think we can build a franchise out of it”

Now to many of us, this doesn’t mean much. Sequels are common in the gaming industry, however that’s part of the problem; they are all too common, and we’ve gotten accustomed to that. The way that Ubisoft is talking, they will only work with IPs that are strong enough to warrant a sequel. This will reduce the number of new IPs from Ubisoft.

The down side to this is that we don’t necessarily want sequels for every game. Some stories end, and sequels are only created in order to profit on the IP. This can result in stories being stretched so thin that the game, the story and the characters suffer.

In some cases, this has worked very well, like with StarCraft 2. In such cases, games we love, games for which we desperately want sequels, will have them.


When looking at future titles from Ubisoft, like Watch Dogs, I am very optimisted and hope that it will not suffer simply because they saw it as a franchise first and not a game. I also hope that not every company follows suit, as this will lead to nothing be sequels. It seems that we don’t get enough new IPs these days. I hope the new consoles will bring with them many new IPs.

Moving away from Ubisoft, Dishonored will be getting a new DLC called The Brigmore Witches. This will be the second DLC containing gameplay content and so it seems I will be diving back into the game. The DLC is coming out 08.13.2013 in NA and the next day in EU.

07.17 Wednesday

It seems that the flavor of the week is Ubisoft. Director Michel Ancel says it was “too challenging” to bring Beyond Good & Evil to the current console. So it seems that the (greatly anticipated) game may come out for the next-gen. Ancel said “I think now with those new consoles arriving, yes, we want to try again making that game.”


I find it somewhat difficult to believe. It sounds more like damage control to explain the delay, as so many people have been waiting for a sequel. We don’t have to look any further than Watch Dogs to see that it could have been done on current consoles. I can’t see that Beyond Good & Evil 2 would have so much better graphics or anything else that would prevent them from releasing it on current consoles.

Don’t get me wrong, ff the game is coming out, I am looking for it. However I think game companies should stop the bull and simply admit that they have other projects and didn’t think that Beyond Good & Evil was a huge deal as it is. Then again I could be wrong. Their reason could be legit.

In other news, it was announced that the Xbox One will be able to play games while they are being installed. This news isn’t as huge as it would have been had Sony not announced the same thing for the PS4 months ago. This is something that Microsoft should have announced at E3 and not months later. I’m getting fed up of companies announcing new consoles but then holding back, or misrepresenting information about those consoles. Microsoft has been doing a terrible job promoting the XBox One and many gamers are upset with them because of it.

Case in point, Microsoft has yet to confirm whether this news regarding installs applies to titles downloaded from Xbox Live. I rest my case.

07.18 Thursday

The teen jailed after a League of Legends argument is hopeful for a case dismissal. 19-years-old Justin Carter was jailed on March 27th because of the offensive comment he left on Facebook.

I know what he said was bad, but come on. I don’t believe these types of cases should be allowed to go forward. I know that there have been horrible shootings in the past year or two, and it parents worry about their children when such things are written, however this type of reaction isn’t the answer. They shouldn’t take the freedom of speech away from the people. People say bad things when they are mad and they SHOULD be punished because of that. Just not like Justin Carter was.

There is still a chance that this whole thing could ruin Justin Carter’s life and that shouldn’t be allowed to happen… ever.

07.19 Friday

evilSpeaking with Eurogamer about The Evil Within, Shinjin Mikami said “As a horror game series continues you begin to know who the enemies are going to be. Just this knowledge naturally makes the game less scary. So to capture a wider audience designers add more action. That further reduces how frightening the game feels.”

One reason that Mikami chose to make The Evil Within is for this very reason. Resident Evil has not done well since RE4, and it’s hard to tell whether the franchise as a whole has any life left in it. I believe that as sequels continue to get released, companies lose sight of what made a game unique in order to cater to the masses instead. This is especially bad for horror games which have a smaller target audience. Sometimes in order to hook as many of that small target audience, game devs forgo a unique experience, relying on tried and true elements.

We need not look any further than Resident Evil 6, which was somewhat bad, however still sold decently, which speak volumes. While this is good for publishers, it isn’t for gamers. All we get are more and more mainstream games which are far less unique.

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