IDTV Contest: Gaming Dragon Drawing

For the first three weeks following the launch of Internet Dragons TV, we will be holding an art contest. Submit an original (read: your) image to IDTV for a chance to win a digital copy of Guild Wars 2. We have been absolutely loving this game, and are very happy to offer it as the prize for this contest. Even if you currently own the game, a new account with five additional characters slots and another account vault is a fantastic prize.

So what’s the 411 on submissions?

As stated, submissions should be owned and should have been created by the person making the submission. After submission, you still retain the rights to the artwork, however in submitting, you are granting IDTV permission to use the artwork.

You may submit as many entries as you would like, though only one will be selected as the winner (obviously).

Submissions must be in digital format, and be a minimum of 500px by 500px (though larger is preferred), and finally be a minimum of 150 DPI. Submissions need not have been produced digitally (eg. using Photoshop or Illustrator), and can be scanned drawings, so long as the dimensions and resolution requirements are adhered to.

Submission Theme

As stated on the home page, the theme for these images is of gaming dragons. Want to create an image of a dragon with controller screaming into a headset? Go wild. Want to draw a dragon playing solitaire? Not very epic, but knock yourself and try to impress us. Dragons playing co-op Borderlands 2? DO ET!

The content details are entirely up to you.

Where do I send my awesome image?

Send entries to contests (at) internetdragons (dot) tv. If you intend on sending more than one submission, please send them in separate emails. Keep it to 1 per email.

Do not include any contact information in your email. We will contact the winner once we’ve chosen the top image.

Entries will be accepted until midnight EST October 15th, 2012.

And the winner is…

Jess C. submitted this entry, a sketched and scanned drawing which won her a copy of Guild Wars 2. I love the image. Makes me want to add a word balloon that reads: “MOAR HoTs! MOAR HoTs! MANY HORDE, HANDLE IT!”

* HoT = Heal over Time
** If you still don’t get the reference, there’s no saving you.

Happy dragon slaying, Jess. Remember, Asura are the best race, no matter what anyone tells you.