For The Lore

For The Lore

Prior to IDTV, Roger, Joe and Vince produced the For The Lore podcast which lasted 130 episodes spanning just over three years. The podcast was devoted to story-driven games, however it did not shy away from discussing gameplay and game mechanics. In keeping with their respective nerd backgrounds, they even discussed Dungeons & Dragons, trading card games and in some episodes shared their own writing (fan fiction based on various games).

The show appealed to a broad range of listeners who enjoyed in-depth discussions on story elements, character developments and on rare occasion, sock-puppet theatre. Yes, you read that correctly. Suffice it to say, a drink or two have been shared between these co-hosts, as well as with their listeners thanks to live broadcasts with audience involvement, whether through call-ins or chat room conversations.

During their three years on For The Lore, the boys have also gotten to interview some wonderful people in the industry, ranging from CEOs and writers, to developers and media reps. They’ve shared drinks with influential people in the world of gaming who’ve come across as down to earth guys with a passion for gaming.

That same passion will be present here on IDTV, however the crew is proud of what they accomplished with For The Lore, and they encourage all new listeners and viewers to dig into those archives. They can be found on iTunes or directly from the feed.


p.s. For more details on the missing final episode, check this editorial by Roger.