For The Lore No More

Sep 24 '12

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For The Lore No More

In a few short hours, we will be recording our last For The Lore episode. The show notes have been uploaded. A bottle of wine is chilling in the bar fridge. My personal notes of prior highlights are listed on my iPad, ready for when the show goes live. My broadcasting laptop is by my desk, ready for a live audience.

And yet still I don’t feel prepared.

Part of that, of course, is because I have been busting my backside getting this new site prepared for the transition. It’s not the first time I go through this.

Back in 2010, we decided to change the format and took on the name Bow Down To Us. That project however, was absolutely massive in scope, and unfortunately coincided with an exceptionally painful period of physio therapy for my knees. Four months into BDTU, I decided to pull the plug not just on the site, but on the three podcasts which shared the name (the most important being the Lore podcast which was a continuation of FTL).

Episode 67 of FTL was our last, and was only released to a live audience; you’ll not find it in the archives.

The months following that end were brutal on the three of us. When you spend that long working together, you develop a strong friendship, especially if you are working on multiple projects on a regular weekly schedule.

Approximately three months after that end, I decided that I had enough time (and more importantly energy) to start back one podcast. I chose the comics podcast which Vince and I had been working on, as it was short, manageable and extremely fun. We renamed it Comic Book Informer, and it is now nearing its 100th episode.

Fast forward a few more months, and For The Lore was also re-launched, back to its original name and format. We could not be happier. And this continued till, well, tonight.

For The Lore started back in September of 2009, and with the exception of the aforementioned break for my phsyio (and a few weeks here and there for holidays), has consistently run every week. We’ve had the privilege of interviewing phenomenal folks who create these games we so love. We’ve also developed strong friendships with longtime listeners of the show, some of whom have even appeared on various episodes as call-ins or full-on guest co-hosts. Hell, one listener even became a regular co-host.

What I’m trying to say is that it has been an absolutely fantastic three years. I am proud of the work we’ve done, both the highlights and the mistakes.

Over the last few weeks, since letting it slip that the show was ending, I’ve been receiving emails from listeners thanking us for the work we’ve done. These have made us smile greatly. It’s always nice to hear from folks who appreciate the work that you do. We certainly don’t do it for the money, as Vince will be quick to point out, or any other perks you’d associate with a commercial project.

We love gaming. We love talking about games. And though I’d say we do this show for you, I’d probably be lying, as I feel we do it for us. Because we absolutely love doing it.

From Homer Gamer Blues to Sock Puppet Theatre, good smelling monsters to Elvis… it has literally been a highlight in our lives.

So why end it?

Some folks think of change as something that is bad. I choose to see it differently. Something that goes on too long runs the risk of becoming stagnant. I would much rather keep things fresh, exciting and fun. Which is why I am so excited for this project.

The guys and I have long wanted to expand into video. All the cool kids are doing it now, don’tcha know. And a format change will also allow us to broaden the scope of our casts. We will be offering the obvious gaming videos, however we will also be working on regular vidcasts which will follow the same format of getting together to talk about games. In addition to that, we will make certain to put out an actual podcast, though it will be less regular… basically whenever we feel like sitting down to shoot the breeze as we now do.

Episode 67 was brutal to record. It was an end.

That said, I am actually looking forward to recording expisode 130 tonight… as it is leading to a new beginning. And that’s exciting as all hell.

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