A Funny Thing Happened…

Sep 28 '12

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A Funny Thing Happened…

I wanted to name this editorial post “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Episode 130”, however I couldn’t get through it.

A. It’s far too long for a title, and

2. There’s nothing funny about what happened Monday night, after we’d finished recording episode 130 of For The Lore.

Monday night started great. I’d edited two hours of outtakes to stream on our channel prior to the live broadcast, for anyone who wanted to pop in for a laugh or two prior to the show; a retrospective of our screw-ups and laughs… lord knows we’ve had a lot of each.

By the time the show started, we were in fine form, and proceeded with nearly three hours of absolutely fantastic conversations; some were highlights of the last three years, while others were discussions of current games we are loving like Torchlight II.

Drinks were drank, thanks were expressed, and when the broadcast was ended, I stopped the recording in Garage Band… and my heart sank as the spinning cursor informed me that the application was frozen.

When it finally responded, it had deleted the entire recording (every track), and would not allow me to undo this action. And though normally Garage Band saves as it is recording, it did not in this case, leaving me with this to show for three hours of recording:

Garage Band FAIL


To say that we were disappointed would be an incredible understatement. I was furious at Garage Band for having failed so entirely, however I was disgusted with myself for not having set a backup recording, as I’d begun doing with important interviews.

Brain: “Last episode after three years? Pft. No need for a backup.”

In the words of Vince:

I got a lot of flack for the missing episode 67 from listeners who’d not had the chance to listen live, and I’m afraid there’s liable to be even more folks upset with us for this. Please direct all angry feels at me though, as the boys were not responsible for this clusterfuck.

We did talk about what we could do to amend this, and each agreed that we would not be recording another episode 130. You cannot recreate that atmosphere. For The Lore ended on Monday. Now it’s time to move on.

We eventually decided that what we would do is set some time aside during our inaugural episode of the upcoming Internet Dragons podcast to talk about some of the same highlights we discussed on Monday. It will not be a complete rehashing of the same, and will not be for several weeks, as we need a little time before we are excited about walking down memory lane again.

However it will happen, here at IDTV. And though it took me a while, I’m ok with that. It will be as if For The Lore never truly ended, but rather just evolved into Internet Dragons TV… like a Pokemon.

Internet Dragons… I CHOOSE YOU!

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