Episode 003: Desperate Gods

Feb 13 '13

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Episode 003: Desperate Gods

For this episode, Vince thought it’d be fun to try something different. He’d found an online board game and thought we should give it a shot. Suffice it to say, we actually had a lot of fun with it. Considering how quickly the game was released, it actually ran smooth as hell.

In between plays, we also touched on some other games.

I’ll be surprised if anyone makes it to the end of the video, however the point was to promote this great, moddable board game.

Enjoy our asshatery.

(Please note that Vince recorded the video for this game on lower settings. At 1080p, maxed settings, I actually found this game looks fantastic.)

Audio only

Due to the nature of this episode, we did not release an audio-only version.

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