Episode 008: E3 2013

Jun 15 '13

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Episode 008: E3 2013

On this audio-only episode of Internet Dragons TV, we recap this year’s E3. We didn’t hold back either; in terms of opinions nor coverage. This episode clocks in at a hefty 3 hours long (well, just shy of the 3 hour mark).

I had to create two copies of the audio file, just because I hadn’t noticed how massive the file size was until I was uploading it. So if you want the high fidelity sound version, download this one. Otherwise, just stream the one below.

Referenced on the episode:

Regions at launch
Tweet your allegiance
HEX dev interview

Again, please accept my apology for this being audio-only, however I know from experience that if I slap video from the press conference on it, it will get flagged on YouTube.

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